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Upgrade Apple OS

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Repair or Add Memory to

Laptop or Desktop 

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Smart Phone Help

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Windows 10


Computer Repair

My technicians will cure your computer problems. Whether it's just running slow, is plagued with viruses or won't turn on at all, we can fix your computer and make it run like new. If you are not sure what's wrong, we can evaluate your computer FREE at your home or business. We have has been providing comprehensive computer repairs for more than 10 years.

We can Upgrade your Apple or Windows Operating System 

Getting an alert to update operating systems and computer software always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. Maybe you’ve got to send that quick email first or write up that report? More often than not, you’ll probably put off downloading the latest updates for your computer until the next day, week, or even month.

It may seem tempting to delay downloading update software, but failing to do so leaves you open to huge security risks and means you’ll miss out on improved functionality. While the latest updates are great for the everyday person, the importance of this can’t be emphasised enough if you’re a business owner.

GET MORE POWER Upgrade memory

One of the easiest ways to boost performance for an older PC or Mac is to add memory to the system. But before we upgrade that memory, we must be sure to gather information about your computer to ensure we get the right memory for your system. It is also useful to know how much would be beneficial without overspending and getting too much. I

In addition, we can swap your old outdated hard drive for a new super fast without losing a single byte of data
Solid State Drive (SSD).  Please inquire for more  information.

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  • Windows 11

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 8.1

  • Windows 8

  • Windows 7

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows XP 

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convert win 7 or 8 or 8.1 to win 10
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Convert Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 to Win 10

Supercharge Your Computer  ask me how


Add Hardware, Memory, Video Display Adapters, or just repair an ailing desktop or laptop computer, we can do it

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